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….A exclusive historical fiction on 1848! [EN subtitles available!]

In order to plunge into 1848 context before coming to the festival, La Boîte à Histoire produced the historical fiction “In quest of revolts”. The episodes are released twice per week until the launch of the festival on the 21st of September. Each video introduces an activity of the programme.

This web series is the result of an international collaboration between La Boîte à Histoire members, but not only. The scenario and the texts have been written by Romain Duplan and Yasmine Achouch while Natasha Buryka was drawing all the episodes from Russia.

The music composed for this fiction has been written in Italy by Massimiliano Mechelli. The video and sound editing is the work of Massimo Del Gaudio in London. Daphné Budasz helped coordinating.

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Affiche du festival Secousse
Affiche du festival Secousse

Watch now the first episode of “Beginning of the quest” and to be sure not to miss the weekly release of the following episodes, follow on Facebook the news of the festival Secousse 1848!

Début de l’enquête – Episode 1

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Poster Secousse history festival
Poster “Secousse” history festival

Our festival “Secousse! Des peuples en Révolution” (“Quake! Peoples in Revolution!”) is the first major event of La Boîte a Histoire.
To make it happen, we need your help!

Why 1848?

In 1848, the world is in havoc. Revolutions are happening in various part of the world. In Europe, those revolutions are known as “the People’s Spring” and remain relatively unknown to the general public. Yet, it is in that year that France abolished slavery and instituted universal voting rights for man.

What is the goal of the festival?

Through varied activities, we want to transmit history differently. We believe that knowing history allow us to question critically the past and understand the world in which we live.

The transmission of history then needs to move out from schools and other institutions (where it is strongly associated with learning historical dates by heart) to festivals and other public events with more creative, original and didactical activities.

For this festival, we have brought together many institutions. But it is not enough! We need your help to make this project happen.

This is why we are fundraising!

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Where and when?

“1848! Peoples in Revolution” will take place on the weekend of the 21st to 23rd of September 2018 at La Colonie and La Médiathèque Françoise Sagan in 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Read more on “1848! Peoples in revolution”.

1848! Peoples in revolution

La Boîte à Histoire creates the first history festival on 1848!


170 years ago, in 1848, the world was in havoc! Questions about the social conditions of ‘man’, about workers’ right, about colonisation, about utopias, about slavery and about woman’s rights and place in society, erupted in the public debate. In Europe, the various revolutions that ensued were called ‘the People’s Spring’.

It is an event for the most part still unknown of the general public and yet many of questions asked back then are still relevant to us nowadays.

Article sur la Boîte à Histoire paru dans le magazine l'Histoire
Article about La Boîte à Histoire published in L’Histoire magazine


Theatrical lectures, a political banket, a round table, an escape game, the re-enactment of a fictionalised trial against a historical protagonist, a visit of 19th century Paris, a Twitter debate… “1848! Peoples in revolution” invites you to catch a glimpse, question critically or simply discover this pivotal revolutionary period of history.

Our invested partners

We are supported by L’Histoire magazine, Emmanuel Laurentin from France Culture, Catherine Brice, Quentin Deluermoz, Delphine Diaz, Emmanuel Fureix,and Mathilde Larrere, just to name a few.

Logo des révolutions du XIXème siècle Logo de l'IFPH-FIHP

Practical information

21-23 September 2018
La Colonie (128 rue Lafayette)
& La Médiathèque Françoise Sagan (8 Rue Léon Schwartzenberg)
Paris – 10th arrondissement

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